Strategy development client, 2021


What was it the organisation was seeking to change?
Development of organisational strategy and Theory of Change.

What solution did WRKWLL bring?
A six-month package of support including stakeholder workshop, desk research, stakeholder surveys and a series of intensive workshops with smaller groups to refine and develop. We ended the process with a refined vision, mission and set of priorities along with landscape mapping and risk matrix.

Why did you choose WRKWLL? Or what was it about WRKWLL that you liked?
We liked that we had access to different consultants with different expertise / perspectives – combining strategy, facilitation and subject matter (global health) knowledge. We thought their pitch was the strongest and there was a chemistry fit.

Can you explain what WRKWLL did?
Gave us the momentum at the start of the process and were able to build consensus from the start of the process. This is no mean feat considering the strong personalities and viewpoints across a diverse range of stakeholders.

At the start of the process we didn’t actually know exactly what we needed. Through the right questions, offering counterbalancing viewpoints and an expert external eye we were able deliver a robust process that shows in our fantastic finished product.

Can you describe anything about their approach to working with you or their culture that is important for this case study?
Very open, naming elephants in the room, but doing everything with tact, poise and genuine passion for our cause.

What impact did working with WRKWLL have on you / your organisation?
As one of the people leading the project internally, I don’t think we would have got through the whole process without your input. The hardest part is getting started, and you helped set a collaborative tone.

We were able to take over beyond the six-month period to refine the priorities, develop indicators and produce the final strategy, budget and workplan. Us being able to steam ahead with the rest of the process is testament to the chain reaction you’ve created!

What changed as a result of working with WRKWLL?
We now have an agreed upon evolution of our organisational focus, clear ways to define our activities and a staff and stakeholder group who feel engaged and listened to. We’re well set up to meet the challenges of the next few years.

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Development of organisational strategy and Theory of Change.

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