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How we can WRKWLL together

Our co-created values underpin all of our work

This means:
We are driven to be a catalyst for positive change for our clients, ourselves and wider society.

Through our work we make practical and measurable improvements to people’s lives.

We are committed to giving back to the societies we live and work within.

We do this by:
Evaluating, measuring and continually improving our approach to deliver greater impact.

Setting goals with our clients and iteratively reviewing progress.

This means:
We work well together in achieving the outcomes of our clients by leveraging the skills and strengths of our collective.

We deliver what our clients need with honesty and an understanding of their goals and aims.

Our work is human-focused in design and implementation.
We are collaborators, not consultants.

We do this by:
Fully leveraging the diverse skills and experience in WRKWLL by working in the open, sharing, guiding and learning from each other.

Working without internal hierarchy we communicate openly, we network, leverage and advise to take advantage of our knowledge pool.

Learning and growing from feedback and experience, internal and external.

This means:
We actively work to ensure our processes and environment are non-exclusionary.

Our work will benefit all that it reaches and exclude none.

We consider the impact of our work for the diversity and equality of our audience.

We do this by:
Working through being challenging, vulnerable and honest with our clients and ourselves.

Continually questioning the impact of and representation within our work of marginalised groups.

Consider the lived experience of those affected by our work.

This means:
We are innovative and unafraid to challenge convention.

We are infectiously enthusiastic.

We question and challenge inhibitions.


We do this by:
Trying new ideas, avoiding preconceptions, and introducing
innovative and effective techniques to our work.

Encouraging creativity amongst ourselves and our clients.

Encouraging fun and an exploration of joy in our work.

How we can WRKWLL

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How we can WRKWLL

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How we can WRKWLL

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Strategic review client in the humanitarian sector, spring 2021: "At the start of the process we didn’t know exactly what we needed. Through the right questions, offering counterbalancing viewpoints and an expert external eye we were able to deliver a robust process that shows in our fantastic finished product."


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