WRKWLL: Our commitment to Inclusion and Diversity - Living our values

WRKWLL strives to include people from different backgrounds who represent the diverse clients we serve through our work.  

Diversity is our strength. We recruit people across a broad range of races, genders, disabilities, nationalities, sexual orientations (and more) because it makes WRKWLL a more just and inclusive place to work. 

It also makes us even better at our jobs. The more diverse our team is, the more likely we are to understand the needs of the range of organisations, teams and individuals we collaborate with. 

Radically Inclusive” is one of our core values.  For us, radical inclusion is non-negotiable.

We ensure it exists within WRKWLL, and we also strive to work with our partners and clients in a radically inclusive way.

We are actively committed to justice and equity. In recruitment, for example, we make a conscious effort to create a space of belonging, where people can perform at their best.  Working practices which facilitate this include: 

  • Flexible working 
  • Prompt payment (even when clients do not do the same) 
  • Support to those with different family situations
  • In-house training (live, online and recorded for those who can’t make it) 
  • Skills and materials sharing 
  • Onboarding methods in line with our radically inclusive value
  • Inclusive communications that work for individuals not the collective
  • Timely support from the team to cover client-responsibilities when life throws a curveball.