Bespoke Leadership Development - The House of St Barnabas

WRKWLL ran a leadership programme for The House of St Barnabas covering a 12-month period. The first step was to work with the team to co-create a bespoke leadership behaviour framework to articulate what good leadership looks liked in their context.

We then supported them through a 360 feedback process and used the results to build a leadership development programme which included:

  • Coaching
  • Action learning
  • Psychometric strengths finder tool
  • Team building sessions

An evaluation of the project showed all participants reporting an improvement in their leadership competencies in relation to the new competency framework, especially in the areas of staff leadership collaboration, and authenticity at work.

Feedback from those who participated include:

“I am now having more honest conversations, am better at listening, and am recognising my own strengths that others see and I do not”

“Four Seasons [Psychometric strengths finder tool] enabled useful conversations about different ways of working and how to play to people's strengths.”

“I thought your whole [WRKWLL] team were brilliant and it's all been really valuable”