Kate Swade

Helping untangle organisational complexity through coaching, consultancy, facilitation and research.

Relational Dynamic Coach, Action Learning Facilitator, Schumacher Inst Certificate in Systems Thinking for Effective Action, Permaculture Design Certificate
I'm an independent facilitator, coach, researcher and governance expert. I love working with groups of people grappling with what it takes to make real change in the world, and working alongside them to find paths forward.

I'm fascinated by how you make social change organisations healthy and effective, and have spent the past 10 years co-directing Shared Assets CIC, where I'm now a non-executive director and associate, with a particular focus on building Shared Assets as a self-managing organisation. I'm also a co-founder and director of the Digital Commons Cooperative, building community tech tools to create a more regenerative world.

I've supported numerous organisations and groups working for the common good with their governance and business models. I've got over 17 years' experience of supporting community-led regeneration and social enterprise, and of navigating complex change in resource-constrained environments. I'm excited to see what I can learn next about how we can bring snippets of the world we want to see into the way we work now.

How would you describe yourself or your work in a few words?
Finding joy in the sticky business of real social change

Recent clients
Catalyst, Social Change Nest CIC, Promising Trouble, Shared Assets, Digital Commons Cooperative

What do you like to do for fun?
So many things! Play with my daughter and nephew, read, see my friends, see art, walk, swim, cook, travel...

If you had a day where you could do absolutely anything, what would you do?
I would concoct some mixture of outside time (maybe swimming outside somewhere beautiful), some time with friends and family, and some delicious food. So maybe a riverside picnic somewhere delightful. And then an hour or so by myself with a good book at the end of the day.