Amina Kadogo

BA in Business Management, APM Project Fundamentals, AAT Accounting Diploma(Loading)

Charity operations (finance, admin and HR), project management and research skills. Lived experience of navigating the refugee and migration system. Motivational speaker. Founder of ANC Admin Solutions, providing remote flexible admin and accounting support to charities and other social enterprises while creating job opportunities for people from marginalised communities.

How would you describe yourself or your work in a few words?
Daring, creative and collaborative. Passionate advocate for refugee and migrant rights. I approach challenges with innovative and imaginative solutions.

Is there a role or project you are particularly proud of, or feel represents your work?
Absolutely, I take great pride in my participation in the current Refugee Council's Lived Experience Leadership work. It reflects my commitment to making a meaningful impact on refugee and migrants equitable employment support and clear pathways to leadership for people with lived experience. Through this project, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow advocates in various roles, leveraging our collective experiences to drive positive change. It's not just a project to me; it's a testament to my dedication to amplifying the voices of refugees and contributing to the advancement of their rights and well-being at work and in the communities that welcome them.

What do you like to do for fun?
Wandering around with my children, watching reality TV and documentaries or dancing and singing Congolese songs.

If you had a day where you could do absolutely anything, what would you do?
A day with my family on the beach, with someone doing most of the babysitting while I relax, enjoy a drink and watch them play