Strategic Planning - Rape Crisis England and Wales

We worked with Rape Crisis England and Wales (RCEW) to develop their next 5-year strategy. WRKWLL prioritises co-creation with all partners, ensuring the strategic planning process itself becomes a valuable project component.

By working in this way, it strengthened inter-team collaboration and encouraged deeper working relationships, which closely aligned with RCEW’s new emerging organisational values.

Alongside the strategic mission, vision and goals work, WRKWLL was commissioned to review RCEW’s capacity as a learning organisation, and recommend new methods and pathways to enhance organisational-wide learning. As with many successful and large-scale organisations, who deliver excellent front-line support, RCEW knew it retained valuable knowledge and understanding which could be used to develop new services and influence policy. However, existing internal systems didn’t allow them to capitalise and use the information most effectively. By surveying good practises from across the RCEW network, and highlighting successful examples from comparable organisations, WRKWLL recommended workable methods for dispersing invaluable learning across RCEW’s wide network of member centres, and beyond.