Gender based violence is close to my heart. I started my career in a small gender-based violence organisation in an ex-homeland of South Africa. We ran trauma centers at two local hospitals, one-stop shops where women could see the police, be medically examined, and get much needed psychological support all under one roof. We campaigned tirelessly to raise survivor voices and even had a national hit with a local reggae band.

Ironic then that I would also be a survivor of gender-based violence. I now know that 1 in 3 women will be subject to violence in their lifetime, 35% of women world-wide have experienced physical or sexual violence. Shocking.

I don’t talk much about my own experience. Was it bad enough, certainly not as bad as some, was it my fault, do I want it to define who I am. It makes me feel uncomfortable in so many ways. It was a long time ago. I am OK.

But at WRKWLL we talk a lot about the power of using our authentic voices and our own lived experiences to bring about change. To harness our experiences to make the differences we care most about.

It is no surprise then that WRKWLL has had the privilege of working with several brilliant organisations working to end violence against women and girls throughout 2022 – including Rape Crisis England & Wales, Refuge, and Survivors’ Network.

We are grateful to them all for supporting women impacted by gender-based violence, and for their tireless campaigning to bring about change so my daughters don’t have to be one of the 35%.